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Train in Martial Arts with top athletes around the world.

Do you love training Martial Arts? AWESOME!

We've created FREE training guides and exclusive content to boost your Martial Arts, strength & health.

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All Natural Healing From the Shaolin Temple

Discover a legacy of natural healing over 1,000 years in the making. Our products are made from authentic all-natural herbal recipes passed down from Master to Disciple by the monks of Shaolin Temple, a renowned center of Kung Fu and Zen Meditation. So whether it's injury from a sprain or strain. Look for an all natural way to recover and start your journey here. 

Live Stream Classrooms

Ask questions and learn in depth with Live with Kung Fu Heroes exclusively on Facebook!

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Featured on Demand Programs

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Kung Fu Staff Program

Philip Sahagun feat.

Sebastian Catellanos



Long Fist Program

Shawn Lu feat.

Wes Scarpias



Shaolin Meridian Healing

Sifu Shi Yan Xu



All Training Programs Include

       On-the-go Learning

All programs are formatted to work on your PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet. Use our links provided after purchase to download videos for offline access.

      Unlimited Access

Your access to a plan never expires. Watch it hundreds of times and never pay another dime.

          Supportive Community

Connect with other plan members through our private facebook, trade tips and cheer each other on as you make progress.

         High-Quality Video

Videos on Kung Fu Heroes are long-format and edited to deliver the best learning experience.

         All-Star Coaches

All coaches are experts in their fields. They get results, while making sure you have fun.

         Friendly Support

Our helpful, expert team is here to help you reach your goals. Contact us whenever you have a question.

Notable Clients & Appearances

Our team of internationally recognized artists have consistently bridged the gap between tradition and innovation in projects around the world.

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